New Yoga Program Coming to Elite

We are so excited to welcome Tonya Cardente and her “Om Sweet Om” Yoga program to Elite Dance starting April 22! Below, you can read all about Ms. Cardente, her philosophy, mission and credentials. 

Tonya Cardente is RYT-500.  She has been actively practicing yoga since 2009 after many years of an on again and off again love affair with the mat. Her teaching style focuses on classical modalities of yoga showcasing the spiritual dimension of yoga, the physical discipline of asana, and pranayama practices. She is holds certifications in yoga life coaching, pastoral counseling, yoga therapy, yin yoga, advanced hands on assisting, and yoga education.

Tonya is a passionate yogini for the integration of mind, body, and spirit. She believes that the connection is the heart of practice and offers her students a personal experience towards discovering and exploring both stability and power.  Grateful for the deposits by many gifted and seasoned  teachers along the path of her yogic journey, Tonya remains inspired by Mary Paffard, Angela Farmer, Ganga White, Phillip Urso, and Shiva Rae. The path of a Sevador remains heavy on her heart. Reaching out to serve and uplift all of humanity is her personal expression of devotion to the Creator. This is paramount in both her life and practice.

“I am a passionate torch bearer”. There is nothing “little” about the light that shines deep within each one of us! It’s all about big love and bright light. My heart for teaching is that you find your flow aglow. Burn bright, shine far, penetrate the dark! Om Sweet Om. Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.”