For those who are contemplating auditioning for our Elite Competition Team...

The Elite Competitive Dancer program is a privilege that dancers and their parents must appreciate and respect. Participation in the program is restricted to dancers who are ready to make achieving their personal best a priority. There will be times when classes, rehearsals, or performances will be scheduled when your non-dance friends or family may be headed to the mall or the movies.  You must be ready to put your commitment to the team ahead of other activities.  We encourage dancers to be as dedicated to their academic studies as they are to their dance training. If your participation in this program affects your grades or the expectations and goals set by your parents, we cannot allow you to continue in the program.

There is a significant time and financial commitment involved with being on our competition team.  Dancers are expected to take at least 1 ballet, leaps and turns, conditioning, jazz, lyrical and contemporary class per week along with team rehearsal classes each week.  Dancers are strongly encouraged to take two ballet classes and an acrobatics class as well.  Hip hop and tap classes are optional unless you are competing in either of those genres.  We do offer a hip hop only option for those who only want to compete in hip hop and those dancers are only required to take a hip hop class and team rehearsal classes. 

We normally compete in 3 regional competitions with one being out of town within a 3 - 4 hour radius of Nashville and a National competition in the summer.  We will have a competition schedule by September to distribute.  Competition fees range from $40 - $50 per dancer, per dance for each competition we attend.  We will have some guest choreographers teaching some of our competition dances this year and that will require each dancer to pay a choreography fee which can range anywhere from $30 - $100 per dancer depending on how many dancers are in the piece.  Each dancer will also be expected to pay for music edits per each dance and contribute to any props that are needed per each dance.   Costumes and dance shoes are another expense to consider which can be $75 - $200 per dance.  All team dancers must purchase the team warm up to wear to competitions as well and those are normally $150. 

Team dancers must be willing to come to classes ready to give 110% every day.  We expect our dancers to be respectful, have a good attitude, be able to take corrections and get along well with their teammates.  We spend a lot of time together therefore we quickly become like family.  Our team parents and dancers develop lifetime relationships with one another which is one of the greatest benefits you will gain from being on our competition team!

Program Benefits

Only a small percentage of the dancers in our Competitive Dance Program will move on to professional dance careers; therefore, the program focuses on educating young people to strive for their personal best in anything they want to accomplish. We achieve our goals for the program by offering young people the chance to:

·       gain a sense of balance in life by managing their commitments to both dance and academics;

·       participate in a physical activity that enhances understanding of the value of a healthy body;

·       develop a sense of confidence when speaking or making a presentation in a public setting, which is                 also a great benefit in college or job interviews;

·       work with mentors who are focused on the students’ success inside and outside of the classroom;

·       enjoy friendships that could last a lifetime and a sense of belonging to an extended family of fellow              dancers, teachers, and parents

·       discover the results of hard work and determination

·       develop a lifelong appreciation for the performing arts.


Auditions will be held on August 11th, 2018.  Please call for more information.